OK, OK, Enough already. Download a copy.

GeneDoc download is currently at version # 2.6.02 as of July, 2001.

Download a copy of the Win/3.1, WFW/3.11 16 bit version. File gd162602.exe, self extracting archive with a setup.exe program, 1,300K.

Download a copy of the Win/95, Win/NT 32 version. File gd322602.exe, self extracting archive with a setup.exe program, 1,400K.

Get a copy of the Alpha/NT version. File GeneDocA.zip, archive program, 800K bytes.

Special Thanks to Russell Malmberg for this Alpha compilation and the Biology Software for Alpha NT site it is at.

Installation Instructions:

Copy the GDXXXX.EXE file to a temporary directory and run it. When ran, it will extract 44 files from itself, one of them being Setup.exe. Run the setup.exe program and follow the prompts. All of the GeneDoc files in the temp directory can be deleted after installation.

If you are new to GeneDoc it is probably a good idea to open the "Help" menu and work through the tutorial available there. This will give you a quick introduction to several of GeneDoc's many capabilities and give you a feel for the way the program works.