Nicholas, K.B., Nicholas H.B. Jr., and Deerfield, D.W. II. 1997 GeneDoc: Analysis and Visualization of Genetic Variation, EMBNEW.NEWS 4:14

These are the two available choices at the moment. We hope to have a more formal citation to a full length paper in a journal like CABIOS soon. The BioInformer is the newsletter for the EBI (EMBL outstation in Hixton, England) and is a fairly nice if somewhat abreviated overview of GeneDoc. It is also available on-line if you would like to look at it. The web page is the other alternative. It is less formal but is becomming a more acceptable form of citation. It has the advantage of letting people know directly where to get a copy of GeneDoc.


The Author is Karl Nicholas at .

If you would like more specific information concerning the application of GeneDoc in genetics , or to talk with the original specification source of GeneDoc you can email Hugh Nicholas, PhD, of the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center at .