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The resource spans the computational biomedical spectrum, "from the genome to the bedside." The research and service projects push the technology barriers in high performance computing and communications in addition to being at the cutting edge of science.

The research projects include:

Structural Biology

  • development of a new force field for the interaction of biopolymers which includes the effect of electronic charge polarization
  • simulations of proteins to examine the dynamics of residues identified as responsible for subfamily selectivity or specificity


  • evaluation of representations for multiple sequence alignment data and the use of that representation in genome annotation, classification of residues potentially
  • responsible for subfamily selectivity and specificity

Microphysiology link goes outside of NRBSC site.

  • computational microphysiology which has been applied to the simulation of neuromuscular junctions

Neural Modeling link goes outside of NRBSC site.

  • development of a neural simulator to enable the simulation of models containing thousands of neurons
  • analysis of the spike trains from multiple channel neuron recordings

Pathology link goes outside of NRBSC site.

  • classification of pathology images as an aid in diagnosis

Visible Human link goes outside of NRBSC site.

  • serving the Visible Human dataset to a large number of clients for anatomy training purposes

Volume Browser link goes outside of NRBSC site.

  • providing expertise and assistance in deploying technologies such as networking, data structures, visualization, and high performance computing for viewing large 3D datasets over the Internet

Science Book

  • highlights from the annual PSC Projects in Scientific Computing

Affiliated Research

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