Core Team Members include: Art Wetzel, PI Architecture; Demian Nave, Systems Programmer for Mesh Construction; and Stuart Pomerantz, Systems Programmer for VB Implementation

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Team Members

Art Wetzel, Senior Computer Scientist and PI

Stuart Pomerantz, Research Systems Programmer

Démian Nave, Research Systems Programmer

Silvester Czanner, Research Systems Programmer

Anjana Kar, Computer Systems Administrator

Matt Mathis

Jason Sommerfield

Andrea Knight, Technical Writer

For more information visit the PSC Biomedical Initiative Members page at


The Volume Browser team would like to thank:

  • Elizabeth Barrows
  • Will Ford
  • Chris Kapien
  • Mary Popek
  • Natham Stume

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Volumetric Data and Viz Gateway Analysis.

Quantum Mechanics/Molecular Mechanics Simulation Gateway.

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