Use the Drag button from the view window to center the view on a different section of the dataset, and to move the slice toward and away from the current plane of view.

To drag the image:

The image moves to follow the cursor.

Notice that if you drag the image in one view and switch to a different one, the green cross is located at the same voxel in each of the sagittal, transverse, and coronal views. By switching views, you can look at this voxel from three different viewpoints.


  • To quickly scroll within the view plane, place the cursor away from the center mark in the direction you want to move. You do not need to click the mouse. Press "c" to center the view on the cursor position. If you repeat this without moving the cursor you will slide through the volume in the direction towards the cursor.

  • Note that you can switch between dragging and rotating by clicking the middle mouse button.