Visable Human Project at PSC - Sample Images

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A curved path following the spinal cord is easily seen from a planar sagittal view.

Warping the viewing plane to the curved path of spinal cord provides useful information not available directly from planar slice data.

Without warping only a small segment of the spinal cord can be seen as it intersects any single planar slice. (X1060 Y335 Z950 dy-.3 dz.8)

A diagonal view of the heart shows its proximity to the spine.

The Edgwarp-3D software, developed by University of Michigan team members Fred Bookstein and Bill Green, is being extended beyond the manipulation of constrained regions, such as the shoulder joint illustrated here, to cover the entire body by dynamically loading new data over the network as a user's region of interest moves.

Slice image in the Volume Browser window.

Same image in the 3D Context window.

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