Visable Human Project at PSC

We've released the first public version of the PSC Volume Browser which provides open access to uncompressed Visible Female and Visible Mouse data served from the PSC Volume Server. This is the same version that is currently used in the University of Michigan anatomy laboratories. It is designed to work with high-speed internet 2 network links providing at least 5Mbps and low latency. That is to say, if you're using a modem or even a cable modem or DSL link, you will experience unacceptably slow performance. An additional version that runs with very highly compressed data transmission will be released within the next month. That version will provide good performance on DSL and cable modem links and some operability over 56Kbps phone links. We will send an email announcement to all registered users when it is available.

Please email if you have questions, comments or problems. (We discovered that this email address was not working until the morning of Oct 22 but its OK now.)

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